Working with your existing content and subject matter experts, Techspec develops fully customized documentation for print, pdf, HTML that is highly usable to maintain.

Manuals, Books and Engineering Drawings

Our Services

  • Preparation of highly technical content in compliance with all applicable technical regulations and international specifications & standards
  • Business rules conversion into BREX (Business Rules EXchange) data module.
  • DMRL (Data Module Requirements List) creation/cross check
  • CIR (Common Information Repository) implementation
  • Technical authoring and illustrating
  • Maintenance Manuals, Operating Manuals, Repair Manuals, Material Catalogues and Lists. (Dis)Assembly Instructions

Standards and Specifications

  • S1000D
  • S2000M
  • ATA iSpec 2200
  • ASD Simplified Technical English STE100

New Documentation

We design documents such as manuals, guides and web sites to be used as reference on the job in the workplace or by a customer with a new product, reduce time to find, comprehend and use information, reduce error, improve accuracy and clarity.

  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Quick reference cards
  • Online help
  • Compliance documentation
  • User and reference cards
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Operator manuals
  • Training materials